Message from Head of Department

Welcome to the Department of International Studies!








Hiroyuki NAKATA, Professor
Head of the Department of International Studies






The international community is facing numerous challenges such as disasters (both natural and man-made), environmental problems including climate change, natural resource management, poverty reduction and sustainable development. These problems are global in nature, yet they are problems affecting local communities, too. This means that an open-minded approach allowing for diverse perspectives is needed to tackle these challenges.



The Department of International Studies is committed to equip our students with the ambition and the ability to go up against these challenges, which require a broad range of specialist knowledge often involving collaborations with people from various backgrounds. To this end, we strive to help our students acquire such skills through `transdisciplinary’ approaches, which go beyond cross-disciplinary approaches.



All prospective applicants are welcome to join the Department regardless of the disciplines and/or subjects previously studied. Resolving real-world problems requires critical, yet practical analyses and/or examinations, interacting between theory and practice. We therefore aim at providing our students with the opportunities and methodological guidance to acquire such research skills. Many of our former students have been actively making contributions to resolve the problems the international community is facing. We are eagerly awaiting students with the ambition to tackle the challenges with us.