Exchange Programs

The Graduate School of Frontier Sciences (GSFS) offers opportunities for students and researchers to study abroad with tuition exemptions. International academic exchange agreements and memorandums have been established with the institutions to promote collaborative research and student exchange. Students enrolled in a regular graduate program at the GSFS can attend these universities as an exchange student. Under this exchange program you will not be on a leave of absence and as a result, will not have to delay the completion of your course. With a permission of your supervising professor, it is also possible to transfer credits from courses taken abroad. You will have to pay tuition fees to the University of Tokyo while on exchange, but you will be exempted from tuition payment to the host University. All fees other than tuition fee will be your own responsibility while you study at the host University. You will not be able to attain a degree while on exchange. In principle,the period of exchange programs are one year at maximum length. There are more than 100 partner institutions to which the students from our department can apply, including the ones in the following list. For more details, please refer to the website of the International Liaison Office of the GSFS.


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  Senior student experience through the exchange program

I studied at INSA Lyon, one of the top-level engineering schools in France, as an exchange student. My major field of study there was telecommunications, rather than international studies. I could systematically study various subjects, spanning from basic areas such as computer networks and operating systems to application areas such as blockchain and machine learning. Thanks to the fact that many classes at the department were offered in English, I was working hard with classmates from all over the world. In addition, I could make wonderful friends and share great experiences with them: Trips to Paris, Annecy, Marseille, Barcelona, Geneva, etc., and a visit to the Fête des Lumières, Lyon’s iconic festival. I genuinely believe that my decision to study abroad was definitely a correct one. (Master’s degree graduate in 2022)