Financial Support

Many of students of the Department of International Studies receive financial support from the University of Tokyo, the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, Japan Student Service Organization (JASSO), and others. The followings indicate some examples (the number of beneficiaries of the Department in 2012 in parentheses).

○   Scholarship from JASSO [only for Japanese] (9)

○   Exemption of Repayment of Scholarship from JASSO  [only for Japanese] (4)

○   100%/50% exemption of tuition (28)

○   RAship to Ph.D. students [50,000 yen per month] (12)

○   Scholarship for overseas activities from the University of Tokyo [100,000-200,000 yen] (3)

○   JASSO’s Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students [65,000 yen per month] (3)

○   MEXT Scholarship (10)

○   Other scholarships (0)

For more scholarship information, visit the web site of the Kashiwa International Liaison Office.