What You Can Learn

Foreign students can apply for and complete our courses without any knowledge of the Japanese language, because many courses are given in English and students may write their theses and make their final presentations in English. Some of our courses aim at providing students basic analytical tools such as statistics/econometrics, GIS analysis, and mathematical modeling. Others are more applied, including class discussion, presentations, and group working for specific topics. About a half of the courses in the Department of International Studies are given in English as shown below.


In addition, there are many courses given in English in other departments in the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences. Click here for more information. Other graduate schools in the Hongo Campus (about 1 hour from the Kashiwa Campus), such as the School of Engineering and the Graduate School of Economics, also provide many courses related to international studies in English, and students may take course in these schools under certain conditions.


Writing a thesis, required in both master and doctor courses, is the most important part of our courses. Through the process of thesis writing, students learn how to come up with innovative ideas, how to collect information and data to support their ideas, how to analyze data in scientific methods, and how to write and present ideas convincingly to other.


For their theses, many of our students engage in their own fieldwork in many countries as shown below. By overcoming difficulties in preparing for and conducting field works, students learn much about what is going on in the real world and how they can deal with practical problems.



Some field works (not always) are financially supported by the university (see this) or by the supervisors’ research projects. Through these activities, inside and outside the campus, our students become “global and tough” (the University’s motto). Please visit “Our Alumni” for what our alumni are doing.