Involuntary Resettlement and Development Opportunities

Dear All,

今般,アジア開発銀行のDr Lee-Ming Taiをお招きし,Zoomにて国際協力学専攻主催特別セミナーを下記の通り開催することとなりました.
We are pleased to inform you of a special departmental seminar by Dr Lee-Ming Tai at Asian Development Bank.

Special Research Seminar organized by the Department of International Studies

Speaker: Dr Lee-Ming Tai, Head, Portfolio Management Unit, PRC resident mission, Asian Development Bank
Title: Involuntary Resettlement and Development Opportunities

flyer special seminar

Date: Tuesday, 4th June
Time: 10:25 – 12:10


The seminar will be a precious opportunity to learn ADB’s practice on involuntary resettlement and you are most welcome to join us. No registration is needed, but please join the above Zoom meeting by your university account.

(Please note that there is no clash with ‘Theory and Practice of Fieldwork’, which starts on the 11th of June.)

ご質問等は国際協力学専攻堀田昌英  迄.
For any inquiry, please contact Masahide Horita

国際協力学専攻長 堀田昌英
Masahide Horita, Head of Department, Department of International Studies