Nao Takashina

Nao Takashina
Associate Professor, Ecosystem conservation and management
Keywords: Conservation biology, fisheries management, theoretical ecology
Lab webpage


Doctor of Science (Kyushu University)


Current research topics

  • Sustainable fisheries management
  • Effective implementation of protected areas
  • Biodiversity conservation

Selected publications

  • Takashina, N. & T. Tanaka, Spillover-mediated harvesting competition: effects of fishing ground configuration on fisheries targeting transboundary species. Journal of Environmental Management, 317:115360 (2022)

  • Takashina, N. & T. Tanaka, Immediate and cumulative stresses associated with the multiscale impacts of ecotourism on ecological status and resilience. Sustainability Science, 17:2133-2142 (2022)

  • Takashina, N., Cheung, H., & Miyazawa, M. Spread the word: Sharing information on social media can stabilize conservation funding and improve ecological outcomes. Conservation Science and Practice, e12857 (2022)


Habitat destruction and biodiversity loss have accelerated worldwide due to anthropogenic activities. It is necessary to find a way to mitigate the impact of development on ecosystems for the conservation of biodiversity and sustainability of biological resources. Development and ecosystem conservation/management typically show trade-offs, and understanding these is essential for sustainable development. I am particularly interested in protected areas and sustainable fisheries management. Specifically, I have worked on the following projects:
● Estimating the number of species affected by development
● Decision-making in sustainable fisheries management
● Development of a long-term ecosystem monitoring system