Maiko Sakamoto

Maiko Sakamoto
Associate Professor, Resources and Environmental Governance
Keywords: Resource Management, Participatory Development, Conflict Management
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Doctor of Engineering (Kyoto University)

Current research topics

  • Management of common resources (waterand forest)

  • Policy analysis on water and sanitation

  • Roles of regional culture (gender, social network) in participatory development

Selected publications

  • Sakamoto, M., Ullah, M.A. and Tani. M. (2021) Land Cover Changes after the Massive Rohingya Refugee Influx in Bangladesh: Neo-Classic Unsupervised Approach. Remote Sensing Vol.13, No. 24, 5056.

  • Sakamoto, M., Ahmed, T., Begum, S., and Huq, H. (2019) Water Pollution and the Textile Industry in Bangladesh: Flawed Corporate Practices or Restrictive Opportunities? Sustainability, Vol.11, No.7, 1951.

  • Sakamoto, M. and Salewicz, K. (2018) Extensive-Form Game for Examining Mutual Trust between a Reservoir Operator and Agricultural Water Users, Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management, Vol. 144, Issue 2.


The efficient use of resources and environment is essential for sustainable development. However, it is not necessarily easy. The tragedy of commons deduced that individual myopic rationality is the cause of the failure to accomplish long-term benefits to societies. One needs to investigate what constitutes the individual rationality for better use of resources and environment. My research concern is to reveal how the use of regional resources is determined by livelihoods, institutions, cultures, mutual trust, and the individual rationality. Implementation of research outputs to assist local societies for sustainable use of resources is also within my research scope. Research themes include the following: (1) resource use and reciprocity; (2) resource use and gender; (3) local commons management and participatory development; (4) resource use and public policy.