Khohchahar E. Chuluu

Khohchahar E. Chuluu
Associate Professor, Environmental and Climate Justice Studies
Keywords: Environmental Justice, Climate Justice, Animal Legal History, Environmental Legal History


Doctor of Laws (Kyoto University)

Current research topics

  • Environmental justice in Asia

  • Normative and empirical studies of climate justice

  • Climate litigation in Japan

  • Animal colonization and natural environment

Selected publications

  • Chuluu, K.E. (2022) Environmental Justice in Asia. In: The Palgrave Handbook of Global Sustainability. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham, pp. 1-13.

  • Chuluu, K.E. (2021) The Tongpo Case: Indigenous Institutions and Environmental Justice in China. Critical Asian Studies, 53(1): 109-125.


Environmental justice proposes that every human being has the right to live in a safe environment, regardless of his/her race, social status, wealth, etc. This concept was popularized through the environmental movements in the USA during the 1980s and was introduced to Asia in the 1990s. Although environmental justice tends to be applied to local cases, it is also applicable to instances of transnational environmental injustice. Meanwhile, climate justice is an idea that was derived from environmental justice in the 2000s. It mainly deals with issues of fairness among nations and communities regarding climate change impacts and burdens. Regarding environmental/climate justice, I am interested in the following projects:
– Empirical study of environmental justice in Asia
– Normative and empirical examination of climate justice
– Investigation of climate litigations cases in Japan
– Animal colonization, environmental history, and climate justice