Mikio Ishiwatari

Mikio Ishiwatari
Visiting Professor, International Environmental Cooperation
Keywords: Disaster Recovery, Adaption to Climate Change


International Studies (The University of Tokyo)

Current research topics

  • Financing investment and disaster risk reduction
  • Disaster recovery from gender and diversity perspectives
  • Flood risk governance
  • Relocation programs as measures of climate change adaptation and disaster recovery

Selected publications

  • Ishiwatari M, (2021) Institutional Coordination of Disaster Management: Engaging National and Local Governments in Japan, Natural Hazards Review

  • Ishiwatari, M., Koike, T., Hiroki K., Toda T., Katsube T. (2020) Managing disasters amid COVID-19 pandemic: Approaches of response to flood disasters, Progress in Disaster Science

  • Ishiwatar M, (2019) Flood risk governance: Establishing collaborative mechanism for integrated approach, Progress in Disaster Science


Development agenda, such as environment, disaster, and poverty, are deeply interconnected with each other. Strengthening management of disaster risks and environment can realize high-quality growth, which is inclusive, resilient, and sustainable. Research activities cover examining approaches and policy recommendations in: (i) Decision making of recovery considering gender and diversity, (ii) Resettlement as a measure of adapting to climate change, and (iii) Establishment of investment mechanism in disaster risk reduction.

Message from student

Professor Ishiwatari is a committed and inspiring supervisor and every time I turn to him for help, he always answers with an unbelievably practical and powerful support. And he really respects us no matter what research we presented or idea we proposed in seminar. Moreover, since he is an excellent researcher with empirical competency in the field of natural disaster preparedness and societal resilience, I’m more than grateful to be one of the members in the lab. (Master student)