Message from Head

Welcome to the Department of International Studies!







Riki Honda, Professor 
Head of the Department of International Studies







The Department of International Studies aims to develop methodologies and human resources to further international development. One of our features is its trans-disciplinary approach to critical global issues in international cooperation, such as development, poverty, institution building, policy coordination, environmental deterioration, and natural resource management. We have a mission to foster professionals who can provide policy suggestions to prevent and solve wide range of problems, and those who demonstrate leadership and expert ability in management and policy making.


In the trend of globalization, international development is gaining importance. It is widely recognized that development aid should be regarded not merely as a donation from developed to developing counties, but as a bilateral activity across borders. What we learn through such activities is effectively applicable to other context, and it will be utilized in many countries worldwide in the future. Our knowledge will evolve matured in such process. We aim to nurture talents who can manage such process.


We believe that fieldwork is essential approach for our research and education. If you work on real problems in the real world enthusiastically, you will surely have opportunities to come across some new finding, which you cannot learn in the classroom. It makes a cycle of creating innovative ideas from real practice. We will foster skilled professionals who can operate this cycle effectively.

We think in various scales—people, community, nation, and the world—utilizing a wide variety of methodologies, covering various fields such as agriculture, engineering, sociology, political science, and economics. It is essential to merge various viewpoints to gain a profound understanding of human societies and their historical and environmental background. We train experts who can view problems with such a perspective.


If you are interested in our research and education program. Please join our activities. We sincerely welcome you and support your activities and challenge.