Message from Head

Welcome to the Department of International Studies!







Masahide Horita, Professor 
Head of the Department of International Studies







The global community is facing difficult challenges that can only be tackled by uniting what each of us could do individually. The challenges span a wide variety of issues including poverty, conflicts, and global environment, and new issues continue to arise day by day. For those working on international cooperation and world development, it must always be a wonder how then the power of the individual could be made to cause a change to these global issues for a better future. It is probably the case that for this very purpose are many of us now developing professional carriers or academic specialisms, and seeking for an opportunity to collaborate with those sharing the same objectives but with variously different backgrounds.


The Department of International Studies was founded for realizing such an opportunity. Members of the academic staff come from different but inter-related academic disciplines, including economics, sociology, engineering and agriculture, and are tackling common themes of the international studies together. By building the three main clusters of research interests, namely Development Cooperation, Resources & the Environment, and Institutional Building, we aim at creating and fostering a new system of knowledge and practice that integrates different viewpoints, methodologies and theories.


Our objective is very ambitious, while we have so far covered only a small fraction of the entire set of the global challenges. Still, the scope of the issues and problems that we can address will expand with the addition of new members, with whom we can join hands with to work on new problems. We will be sure to provide you with a place where you can take a step forward – hands-on experience worldwide while widening your perspectives with newly acquired disciplinary expertise. None of us may be able to give you all the answer on what you try to achieve. Indeed that is why we welcome you wholeheartedly, and will be fully committed to make your own venture here most meaningful.