Year 2021 Term A1, A2 Course Schedule and Start date are available now.

47193-10Asian Network’s Start date and place has been changed.Start date is September 24th and place is Faculty of Agriculture Bldg.1 Room 10.
Year 2019 Term A1, A2 Course Schedule and Start date are available now.

  Information of Course

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Year 2021 Term A1 Course Schedule

Year 2021 Term A2 Course Schedule

Year 2021 Term A1,A2 Start Data


  Lab Meeting

Department of International Studies offers courses for the activity associated with the “lab meeting”; the International Studies Seminars I ~ IV for master course, and the Doctoral Research Seminars I ~ VI for doctoral course. Syllabi of these courses are provided for each of faculty members below.


Prof. SUZUKI, Aya(PDF・185KB)

Prof. NAKATA, Hiroyuki(PDF・64.2KB)

Prof. HORITA, Masahide(PDF・55KB)

Prof. HONDA, Riki(PDF・67KB)

Assoc. Prof. SAKAMOTO, Maiko(PDF・52KB)

Assoc. Prof. MINATO, Takayuki(PDF・77KB)

Assoc. Prof. YOSHIDA, Koshi(PDF・106KB)

Prof. IKEMOTO, Yukio (Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia)(PDF・37.1KB)

Prof. SATO, Jin (Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia)(PDF・138KB)


  Accreditation based on the Professional Career

Department of International Studies approves credits for the doctoral course students based on their professional career. The credits can be obtained for the courses provided by the core faculty members of the department. One credit is approved for one year of professional experience and eight credits can be obtained at most. The department judges the number of credits. The score will be reported as Pass/Fail. Accreditation of each course is decided by the procedure described in the syllabus of each course. Accreditation based on the Professional Career is available for doctoral students who passed the entrance examination for 2014 or after. Doctoral students who passed the Special Selection for Applicants with Professions for 2013 or before are also eligible for the accreditation.

Accreditation based on the Professional Career(PDF・69.4KB)