Faculty members



  Core Members

Aya Suzuki, Professor

Development Economics
Agricultural Economics

▥ Agricultural export industry in Africa

▥ Managerial training in Vietnam

ayaszk@*  Personal Web Site


Hiroyuki Nakata, Professor

Financial Economics Microeconomic Theory

▥ Welfare measurement in the presence of diverse beliefs

▥ The roles of finance and insurance when beliefs are diverse (this includes disaster insurance)

hnakata@*  Personal Web Site

Riki Honda, Professor

Disaster Mitigation and Prevention
Dynamics of Social Network

▥ Adaptation process of community

▥ Influence of uncertainty of risks

rhonda@*   Personal Web Site


Maiko Sakamoto, Associate Professor

Environment and Resources Management
Participatory Development

▥ Perceptions and behavioral analysis, Public policy analysis

▥ Cultural constraints on development

m-sakamoto@* Personal Web Site

Takayuki Minato, Associate Professor

Project Management Decision Making

▥ Technology advance and society

▥ Options models for mega energy project



Koshi Yoshida, Associate Professor

Agro-Environmental Studies
Environmental Hydrology
Irrigation and Drainage

▥ Evaluation of Water and Nutrient Dynamics in Paddy‐dominant Watershed

▥ Study on Climate Change Adaptation Measures in Agriculture Sector

kyoshida@* Personal Web Site

Nao Takashina, Assistant Professor

Theoretical ecology
Conservation biology
Resource management

▥ Establishment of marine protected areas to reduce competition among resource users

▥ Understanding biodiversity conservation at a global scale

takashina(at)edu.k.u-tokyo.ac.jp Personal Web Site

“k.u-tokyo.ac.jp” should follow @ of each email address.

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  Collaborative Programs

Yukio Ikemoto, Professor

Income Distribution and Poverty

▥ Inequality in Thailand and Vietnam

▥ Tourism and ethnic minorities in Vietnam

Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia    Personal Web Site


Jin Sato, Professor

Resource Governance

▥ Impact of emerging donors in Asia

▥ Analysis of resource administration

Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia   Personal Web Site



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  Joint Program with JICA

Mikio Ishiwatari, Visiting Professor

Disaster Recovery,  Adaption to Climate Change

▥ Disaster recovery and disaster prevention investment with a focus on gender and diversity issues

Japan International Cooperation Agency    Personal Web Site


Masahiko Furuichi, Visiting Professor

Port Management, Global Trade, Global Logistics

▥ How global logistics environment affects growth process of developing countries?

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) / International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH)  Personal Web Site



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